Storytelling is a unique human skill shared amongst people far and wide. It opens up the imaginations that runs wild in children and it also builds confidence and enhances speaking skills. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves, and others. Competitions are the best way to boost the confidence in children and improve their communication skills. Keeping this in mind, SMP Islam Al-Ma’ruf holds a storytelling competition in a class meeting with the theme “Show up Your Creativity and Sportivity”. Storytelling event was conducted on December 14th 2020, then the participant were students from Grade 7-9.

Story telling by Evelyn 7B

Representative from 7A was Ashika, 7B was Evelyn, 8A was Naura, 8B was Salwa, 9A was Maulana and 9B was Nabeel. All of the participants brought stories with the theme of Indonesian legend. Aspects judged by the jury are method, manner, and time. Method divided into three point, viz.

  1. Stating the title
  2. Organizing the content of the story
  3. Using the accurate grammar and good pronounciation

Participants who deliver this part well will get 30 points. Manner is the part that got the most points (50 points) because the aspect that is assessed is how the way the participants demonstrated body language or gesture, are the participant spoke clearly then whether participants mastered the content they brought or not. The last aspect was time, in this part the jury judged how long participants used of time in telling stories, if participants used 5-7 minutes, they will got 20 points. So, the total of the point is 100 points. In this competition there are several legends told by participants such as The legend of Prambanan, Malin Kundang, The legend of Tangkuban Perahu, etc. Participants used creativity when told stories, they wore clothes according to the stories they were told. After the judging process, the winner of this competition are:
1st : Evelyn from 7B
2nd: Maulana from 9A
3rd: Ashika from 7A
Being a reliable storyteller is not easy, through this storytelling competition SMP ISLAM Al Maruf trains children’s courage and creativity, then through this activity students also know more English vocabulary because before told a story, students will looked for what vocabulary are suitable for them to convey.

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